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    With detachable buckled backstrap and neoprene padding that suitable for your daily foot wear. also comes with EVA phylon and arch support footbed that will fits to your foot’s sole to add the comfort to your steps. We use our newest outsole design top with polar wind color that will give you a fashionable look yet still give you a light steps through your manic routine.

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    Earth rotates, it seems like the sun is moving across the sky. Turns out, the Earth that is spinning. It takes 24 hours to complete one rotation.
    24 hours as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. People who are trying to support themselves or their loved ones are soaked in sweat, roasted by the hot sun, and hit by the cold night.
    Jakarta; The main role of a sleepless city, 24 hours rotation might keep you awake by discomfort, traffic noise, deadline, or a troubled mind. We’re all connected to the cliché story of running on “the path”, “the fight” and “the stakes” of life.

    ROTASI – Chasing a workhorse’s spirit from “East” to “West”.
    Semua berputar bagaikan siklus
    asam kehidupan yang setara dengan citrus banting tulang jungkir balik ala sirkus
    dan terulang semua saling sikut
    Hanyut di lautan manusia
    semua tentang keluarga dan usia
    cari suap nasi demi orang yang terkasih dibawah langit biru hari baru berotasi
    Pre-chorus of ROTASI music that coming forth by Dzulfahmi and TuanTigabelas as a source of motivation and interpretation for all workhorses and prove to be miraculously boosting a tired soul of running endless cycles of work-eat-sleep-repeat.
    Phenomenon – Disposition – Sojourn.
    The rotation phenomenon, personal disposition and their sojourns around the city, Bearpath aims ourselves into the positioning as a 24-hour/day comfortably footwear as you’re running those endless cycles.
    Designs that prioritize comfort, support, and grip to everyday-friendly models with attractive styling. All the finest materials constructed are in the details!
    The metaphor of running the spirit of ROTASI music became the dictions that have finally merged in the name of BEAROTASI.

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