Karimata Navy Trail

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    New polyester webbing tape from YKK is extended UV strength stability, and long-lasting color vibrancy. Feeling so chewy when Neoprene Pad contact with your skin. The midsole is elastic and a good damper can reducing impact when heel strikes. We use different pattern on outsole rubber its more excellent grip and responsive on unpredictable terrain.

    Karimata Navy Trail
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    Karimata sandal has upgraded to Karimata Trail Black Tab ready to launch as a new category of Bearpath’s product. With the black label on its sandals, this can be said to be a premium product from Karimata’s previous products. In several years we try to making many products to be accepted by people, from scratch until prototype are bring us to one question, “how to make people happy and enjoy when wearing our sandal product.” so from all of this we will focus on people needs and intention.

    We’re developing this new product with many suggestions by customers, and hopely will become a product that can meet all needs. From the polyester webbing to outsole rubber has been upgrade to the next level. Many question comes to our team, and we try to make it real. The product can bring us to two different world such as outdoor life and urban style, and make them become one or usually name dual purpose.

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