Karimata Trail RayaJing9a

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    This Karimata anniversary edition presents new features, detachable backstrap which has not been found in the previous series of karimata trail, and also reflective logo of rayajing9a.

    New polyester webbing tape from YKK is extended UV strength stability, and long-lasting color vibrancy. Feeling so chewy when Neoprene Pad contact with your skin. The midsole is elastic and a good damper can reducing impact when heel strikes. We use different pattern on outsole rubber its more excellent grip and responsive on unpredictable terrain.

    Karimata Trail RayaJing9a
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    9 years of bearpath have been going on, 108,074 days have passed, starting with adapting leather sandals, which initially made the first step of bearpath.
    After finding some resistance to the leather material, we wanted to change our view, By becoming a daily sandal and starting a new journey that is more comfortable when used because of ripe development, our process is also assisted by a team that tirelessly helps us.
    9 years is not a short time for us and we always want to explore
    , we have experienced all the exposure and enjoyment, these 9 years are strung together in one name Rayajing9a, enjoy!

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