Karimata Trail X Catta

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    An upgraded version of Karimata Trail is now called Karimata Trail X!

    Top with creamy white upper webbing along with the black midsole and white outsole. The placement of these two shades of Catta is somehow similar to a Ring Tailed Lemur (Catta) and that’s how Karimata Trail X Catta got its name.

    Karimata Trail X is now assisted with an arch support insole that wasn’t found in the previous article of Karimata Trail series. Also, now you’re getting a detachable backstrap with our iconic water-ready polyester webbing that dries quickly. The honeycomb trail rubber outsole that has an excellent grip is keep lasting on this Karimata Trail X series.

    Comes with three classic shades, this amphi-purpose footwear is  a perfect fit for your everyday diversions needs.

    Karimata Trail X Catta
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